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Co-Founder's Message

My name is Andres Rosa, co-founder and CEO of NYC Laboratories.  We are a medical ambulatory care company out of New York City.  We started as a Hemp growing company in 2018.  When the Hemp Act was passed, we worked with many of the farmers in New York state bringing many genetics and insight to the best ways and tools to be able to grow CBD and Cannabis.  Moving forward the Covid-19 crisis happened.  We turned into a company that does crisis consulting for New York City.  We began doing testing and selling PPE all over the city focusing on despaired and health inequity communities.  Brown and black communities in New York City that have been the brunt of the sickness and were being underserved at that point.  In transition we were able to test over 18,000 minorities in our city as well in Los Angeles and other parts of the country.  

Moving Forward

Moving forward we have developed NYCannaSchool.ORG to address the educational needs of the communities featuring co-founder Bret Bogue.  We want to ensure that minorities that have suffered and been victims of the War on Drugs have their fair share and are educated properly when it comes to growing.  Licenses will be given out.  We want to be on the forefront of this establishment.  We believe sharing our insights can help these organizations and people make better decisions in these complex times of legal Cannabis in New York State with the recreational market opening.  The purpose of the programs are also going to provide a solution for them that is dynamic in nature to establish protocols for this new norm which is up to date technology, the latest growing practices, the most economical and greenest way to grow organic cannabis.  At the same time explaining the benefits of the plant on the medicinal side and the science side and just to have our minority farmers well versed in this upcoming market so that there are no mistakes.  


We want to make sure they have a smooth transition into growing cannabis and to ensure that New York State has one of the most successful programs in the world.  So we gathered some of the best growers, genetics and people of the industry that are able to relay the message to our students and we will have an accredited class in New York State to be able to do so.  Actions taken now will ensure a higher level readiness and preparedness in this time of this new era of legal cannabis in New York.  

Courses include:

     1.  Budtending Course
    2.  Growing Course
    3.  Extraction Course

    4.  Cooking Course

That being said, we look forward to working with the city constituents also working with the current hemp farmers that are transitioning as well into provisional licenses.  We want to make sure that there is an avenue of checks and balances that the curriculum serves the community and also maximizes economically and creates the jobs that we need from this state.

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